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Testing BoothComprehensive hearing exams for patients of all ages and populations.

We offer a complete line of hearing aids and assistive listening devices as well as follow up services.

Testing for auditory processing disorder
For children who have difficulty attending to, discriminating, recognizing, or comprehending what is being heard, even though their hearing and intelligence are normal. Children often exhibit problems with reading, spelling, and math. They typically perform worse when background noise or other distractions are present.

Newborn hearing screenings
Klamath Audiology provides comprehensive newborn screening services for the Oregon State Early Hearing Loss Detection, Diagnosis, and Intervention (EHDDI) program. All children who fail the newborn screening in the hospital should have a diagnostic hearing evaluation by one month of age.

Cochlear implant evaluations
For patients with severe to profound hearing loss that can not understand spoken language even with appropriate hearing aids, there is another option. Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that allow the patient to hear through electrical stimulation of the hearing nerve and bypass the damaged portions of the ear. Our clinic can determine if someone is a candidate for this technology and if necessary provide a referral to Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland for the actual surgery and follow up services.

Recreation hearing protection devices
Custom hearing protection made specifically for your ears, providing a comfortable, lightweight device. Klamath Audiology offers custom earplugs as well as electronic shooting plugs to help protect your hearing.

Swim plugs